Ag Advocate Runs for House of Representative 68th District Seat

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Hi everyone, my name is Melissa Bravo and I am running for the vacant House position representing Tioga, Bradford and Potter counties here in Pennsylvania. The agriculture industry needs an unbiased voice with experience and knowledge to advocate for economic profitability. As I told the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, “My career has revolved and evolved around a progressive blending of agronomic consulting, investigative research and regulatory mediation and facilitation.” I spent 8 years in the Dept. of Agriculture researching, writing, reviewing and challenging regulations, statues, authorities and policies that impact agriculture production. I am a nationally known expert on crop management issues; invasive species early detection and rapid response plans. It takes one of ‘us’ to understand the crisis unfolding in rural America. I can be that voice for you. Advocate with me for the RIGHT TO FARM IN 2018 and know that I represent everyone on this issue. I am an Agrarian and so I hope are you.