Reach out and ask a farmer how they are doing and really listen to the answer…

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Below is a post that the Membership Director at Wisconsin Farmers Union, Deb Jakubek shared. She does not know who the original author is – but several farmers told me they added to this or change the wording to reflect their daily farming routine.

God bless you all for writing this and asking us to pass it along.

September 19, 2018

“We are farmers – you don’t have to understand us…We know that all external medicine is either waterproof, blue or yellow. We have no problem eating a sandwich directly after cleaning the barn. We know why a thermometer has to have a string attached to the end. We are not welcome in Laundromats. We can lower or raise our voice instantly by 5 octaves to shout at the dog who has decided to stalk… god only knows what. We would sooner quit a relationship than our hobby. We talk to our truck to make it up the hill. We have better insurance for our farm and animals than for our car. We know more about our cows diet than our own. We buy grain and hay before buying our own food. It’s common to see us wearing barn clothes in public. We get along better with most animals than people. We are quick to lend a hand in a crisis. A new truck is a luxury car. More written words are scribbled in the dust or dirt than on paper. We will always make time for a friend. A hand shake is our bond. All of that said, we are still human and still have bad days, reach out and ask how we are doing and really listen to our answer. You may be the reason we continue that day…”

A message from a dairy farmer….

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Stewart Dairy Farm
September 13 at 10:13 PM ·
(Posted with Permission from Dusty Stewart).

So I wrote this tonight because my heart breaks for all the dairy farmers shutting down their operations because they just cant afford to keep going. I also wrote it in a sense for myself as well. I didnt have to sell my cows I made the choice to do it. Some but not all have sold but each time one leaves I feel a part of me leave with them. It’s sad and this week for some reason has been particularly tough on me. Wondering what is my purpose. So I’ll share this and I hope it makes sense:

When a farmer loses his purpose he tries hard to hide it on the surface. While deep down inside he wants to run and hide, not to hide because of fear but so no one see’s his tears. See farmers are tough and the life is rough and no matter what we give it’s never enough. It’s never enough only in our own eyes and most people will never know how hard he really tries. He tries so hard to succeed and to fill a need. Whether its milking cows or sowing seed farmers work endless hours because its America we feed. We cry, we sweat, we bleed, but we carry on because we are a special breed. Rise long before dawn and work past dark.

The life of a dairy farmer is no walk in the park. Day after day another dairy calls it quits. Goodbyes are said and the cows are loaded after all this there the farmer sits, sits and wonders what might have been if he had it to do all over again. Farmers are a special breed, they will never tell you what they need. To proud to ask for help and always count themselves last. But if you call on a farmer they will come running fast. That’s how we were taught from generations past. Take care of your neighbor because that’s what God would do.

So to all the dairies out there that have milked their last cow, that does not make you a failure then or now. Failure is not trying, and you gave it all you had. So hold your head up high and know on God you can rely. For He sees the work you have done and one day He will say good work my faithful son. You cared for my creation and did the best you could. It’s okay to shed some tears from all the weary years. But My child find joy in this, think of all the seeds you have sown, I’m not speaking of the crops grown, but of the love and compassion you have shown. To animals and mankind alike you gave your whole heart and did your part.

God has a purpose and for you a new start do not grow weary and believe in your heart, rest in His comfort and He will do His part. God bless all the dairy farmers. Written by Dusty Stewart #stewartdairyfarm #faithfamilyandfarming #brownswiss #dairy #dairystrong