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Mountain Home Magazine: October 2015-Current

Progressive Forage Grower October 2015 -Current
 Worms and Bacteria concerns in alternative grazing situations – December 9, 2015
 Seed Selection Spotlight. What are your intentions? – January 8, 2016
 The Root of the Problem: Is it disease, nutrients, or weeds? – September 2016

Lancaster Farming November 2015 – Current – see magazine for current issues
 Farmers hear about cover crop research at Big Flats – November 13, NY edition
 Working for farmers wins local man highest honor – November 28 issue, PA edition
 Southern tier food bank thrives thanks to the late Dr. Robin Bellinder – November 28 issue, NY edition
 Third generation growing up in Dewart Livestock Market – December 2 issue, PA edition
 Tioga County tree judged supremely fit for high court – December 13 issue, PA edition
 Southern tier farmers eager for own calf pool – December 26 issue, NY edition
 Food festival puts farmers in the spotlight – February 20 issue, NY edition
 Maple sap flowing earlier this year – February 20 issue, PA Edition
 Sewing notations: One thousand prayers, and a shawl to share – March 19 issue, PA Edition
 Riding herd at Hillstone Farms – May 21 issue, PA Edition
 New York farm has high hopes for highlanders – May 21 issue, NY Edition
 Cover crops evaluated for performance – May 2 issue, NY Edition
 Milk prices have Tioga dairymen alarmed – June 16 issue, PA Edition
 Auctioneering families: The Kaltenbach’s of Tioga County – June 27 issue, PA Edition
 Drought worsens in southern tier – July 14 issue – NY Edition
 Slug pressure high after recent rains – July 1 issue – PA Edition
 Forage Talk. Shortage of Surface Moisture and Nitrate Concerns going into Fall Planting – August, 2016. Specials Section Column.

The Farming Magazine

The History of Cows’ Access to Water and Minerals

Nice and Beltie!

>Crop Talk and Other Things throughout the Seasons: Wellsboro Gazette 2014

 Winter Annual Weeds of March
 Lead Testing Your Garden
 Excessive Precipitation and Weed Proliferation
 Saturated Soils and Vegetable Transplants
 What’s Bugging You Today?
 Weed and Entomology Field Days
 August Pasture Problems
 Selling Livestock at Market
 Lamb-Ramblings
 Big Trees of Pennsylvania
 How to De-Quill Your Cow
 Fall Harvesting Underway
 Squirrel Nuts and Fish-eyed Soup
 Vasnetsov’s Four Horsemen: Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death
 Cover Crop Species for the Twin Tiers
 Winter Weather Water Woes
 The Value of Venison at the End of the Day
 Beware the Feral Silvergrass
 A Partridge in a Pear Tree
 Farming by the Light of the Moon
 Choosing Firewood based on BTU’s
 NRCS’s Project WINGS

Crop Talk and Other Things throughout the Seasons Wellsboro Home Page. 2015 to current

 Laurel Health: Benefits of breastfeeding
 Ag. Spotlight: Welcome to the Fair
 Movin’ Together: Protecting Your Skin
 Looking for Women with Stories
 Easter Bouquets. Spring has Arrived
 Ag. Spotlight: 4-H Kickoff Event
 Best Maple Syrup at Farm Show
 Agricultural Spotlight Feature Farmer: Tioga County Greens
 Amaryllis Blooms, What Next?
 Feeling Stuffy? House plants can help
 Big Trees of Pennsylvania
 The Fifty Early Days Show
 Did You Grow Any Heirloom Tomatoes this Year?
 Whose Got Your Goat?
 Save the Monarch, Don’t Mow that Milkweed!
 Family Day Fair Fun for all!
 Pollinator’s and Their Defense Mechanisms.
 Pick a Patch at Rockberry Farm!
 Poisonous plants of backyards and barnyards
 Hoop House Gardening in Tioga County
 Worm Farm Secrets
 Trout Stocking Underway in Tioga County
 Salt, Cinders, Ash, and Pet Safety
 Feeding the Birds
 Licensing Requirements of the PA Dog Law

Crop Talk and Other Things throughout the Seasons Williamsport Sun Gazette: 2015

 A Nostalgic Look at Christmas Tree Production
 Cover Crop Research Draws a Crowd
 E.Coli in the News
 New Corn Disease Plaques Farmers
 Farmers in Region now Harvesting Local Snapbeans
 Monarchs and Milkweeds Go Hand in Hand
 Be On the Alert for Poisonous Plants in Pastures
 Wet Weather and Hay Woes Worry Farmers