Meadow Lake Farm Consulting Services

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Research – Writing: Multi-media investigative articles for broadcasting, newsprint, magazine, agriculture marketing and tourism. Memoirs and biographical feature stories.

Livestock: Poisonous plant identification and removal, water quality evaluation, forage quality assessments, cow-calf rate of gain management, herd health, body scoring, genetic and breed improvement management. Sprayer calibration, herbicide selection and applicator training.

Crop land: Forage production, weed management, pest management. Fertilizer, Lime, Seed, Herbicide, Insecticide & Micronutrient recommendations. Sprayer calibration, herbicide selection and applicator training.
Soil, Water, Forage Testing: Soil testing, manure testing, water testing, forage testing sampling.

Nutrient management compliance: Recordkeeping, mediation, remediation, assessment

Non-crop land vegetation management: Noxious and invasive vegetation inventory, survey and assessment. Sprayer calibration, herbicide selection and applicator training.

Regulatory compliance paperwork: Nutrient management, financial plans, marketing plans, licensing paperwork, inventory control, audits, accounting.

Registered Angus replacements: Quality grass based replacement heifers and bulls selected for udder quality and average daily gain on cool season grasses typical grown or harvested in valley-river ecosystems from April to November.

Cultural landscape: Plant selection and maintenance, pest and weed survey and removal. Garden soil remediation.